3D Adept is pleased to announce the launch of its online shop, 3dadept.shop, dedicated to sales of the additive manufacturing industry.

Already acknowledged as media, we provide daily news through our online media (www.3dadept.com) in English & French regarding 3D technologies in all sectors of applications (aerospace, fashion, automotive, sport, art, architecture, construction, food, education, medical and more.) 3D Adept Media also includes a digital and print magazine, 3D Adept Mag, available in English and French, that publishes a bimestrial content based on specific topics of the industry.

Due to an increasing demand of our readers who happen to be potential prospects of collaborating companies and the interest of the mass public in 3D printed products, 3D Adept has decided to launch its online shop to provide this target with 3D technologies and 3D printed products.

3dadept.shop will feature 3D printers, 3D scanners as well as materials that have already been reviewed by our engineers. 3D printed products such as fashion accessories, decoration and more might be found in our outlet online.

For now, 3dadept.shop functions via the drop-shipping model. Over time, the shop will provide a full customer service to its customers.

Manufacturers of 3D technologies and 3D printed products are most welcome to use our platform.

For further information, please reach out to Kety S. via Ketys@3dadept.com

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