3D ADEPT Media, the additive manufacturing global media of 3DA Solutions, is a media partner of several industry events.

3D ADEPT Media, a global media that is committed to spreading the latest news and analyses on additive manufacturing in all sectors of activity, now supports leading industry events dedicated to this niche market.

As part of these agreements, 3D ADEPT Media will provide communication & marketing services to promote its events partners. Each agreement varies from one event to another, and requires the commitment of each stakeholder to address the needs of its partner.

To date, the media company has signed more than 19 events partnerships across Europe, the USA & ASIA. Among its partners, we count must-see events like Formnext (in Germany), 3D Print (in France), TCT UK, TCT Asia, to name a few of them.

These partnerships demonstrate the potential of our media in spreading the latest news on additive manufacturing with integrity, and in all sectors of application. More than anything, it shows our passion, willingness and ability to build relations, and to connect companies with key stakeholders.”

For reasons of confidentiality, further information regarding the various agreements and the obligations of each stakeholder cannot be disclosed.

If you need a collaboration with 3DA Solutions or 3D ADEPT Media during a specific event, send us an email to contact@3da-solutions.com for 3DA Solutions & contact@3dadept.com for 3D ADEPT Media.

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