3D Adept Media is now part of IN(3D)USTRY’s media partners

3D ADEPT Media is pleased to announce a collaboration with IN(3D)USTRY, a 3D Printing business show that will be held from October 16th to 18th in Hall 8 at the Montjuïc venue in Barcelona.

For this third edition, the exhibition opens up to new industrial sectors. IN(3D)USTRY will feature 3D printing solutions from a variety of companies as well as solutions from new sectors including robotics, moulds and dies, plastics and new materials; hence its theme “From Needs to Solutions”.

As part of this partnership, 3D Adept Media will provide its communication & marketing services to IN(3D)USTRY. Furthermore, our magazine 3D Adept Mag, dedicated to additive manufacturing will be freely distributed during the event.

For reasons of confidentiality, further information regarding the agreement and the obligations of each stakeholder cannot be disclosed.

For further information regarding communication and marketing opportunities, please, feel free to reach out to Kety S. via Ketys@3dadept.com

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