3D Adept Media provides the latest trends and analysis in the 3D printing industry.
3D Adept Media includes an online media www.3dadept.com , available in English & French and a bimestrial magazine, 3D Adept Mag, also available in English & French. Through these communication tools, we enable companies specialized in 3D Technologies or companies that manufacture their products using 3D technologies to communicate their activities and products, therefore to reach a target audience.
On a daily basis, our online media provides the latest news of the additive manufacturing industry in all sectors of activity: research & development, education, aerospace, automotive, construction, art, architecture, high-tech, sport, and even food and medical industries.

Our magazine 3D Adept Mag provides an in-depth analysis every two months of a specific topic of the industry. To discuss these themes, our editorial team invites 3D printing companies or software companies so that they can share their experience of their sector of activity.

Last but not least, 3D Adept Media is committed to highlight the whole value chain of the additive manufacturing industry. Discover our Fab Lab Corner here.
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